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What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging activities, sets of institutions and offers that are of value to customers, clients, partners and society. We are not passionate about a “marketing strategy” and we do what works best for our clients – be it SEO or TikTok Marketing.

Marketing Research

Marketing research is the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information—information used to identify and define opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate actions; monitor performance; and improve understanding of it as a process. It specifies the information required to address these issues, designs the method for collecting information, manages and implements the data collection process, analyzes the results, and communicates the findings and their implications.

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How Do We Do What We Do?

White Hat SEO Service

The search engine optimization services we provide are about more than rankings. For us, it's all about revenue and creating sustainable growth for your business as well!

Local SEO Service

The level of success you can expect with our Local SEO services is unprecedented. In addition, we can provide an array of benefits that will set your company on the path for growth and financial security!

Google Ads

Online paid media advertising solutions are an effective way for lead generation, eCommerce, and display advertisers. With new marketing strategies, businesses can increase their return on investment and revenue while reducing acquisition costs.

That’s what Yasiin Arafat’s believes in.

Our Steps For “Turning Clicks Into Clients”

At Results Driven Marketing, it is our philosophy that we care about getting you clients. We want people who visit your site to become clients or customers. And the goal of digital marketing is to get these potential or prospective clients to sign up for the services you offer or buy your products. That’s when you get paid. 

We want and need people to delve deeper into your site to learn more about your product or service line. We call these steps “conversion sorting”. But what matters is that people are buying or signing up for your service and paying you. We have developed a marketing program specifically designed to help small-medium businesses grow their companies. 

We have divided this program into 3 strategic phases that will cover everything you need to grow your business fast:

  • In this phase, we will get the basic fundamentals that a business needs before anything else. Getting a website or redesigning an existing one, optimizing it with SEO, setting up analytics and tracking, getting business emails with your domain. You need a competitive website that will outrank your competitors organically so that you show up in search results before them. We always make a 6-month plan, because we believe 6 months is enough time for your business to test all our strategies and give you a decent result.
  • Once the basics are out. We start focusing on revenue. We don’t move on to the next step until you make a return. This phase will help you establish more online presence. Make sure your social media page looks professional and is active Setting up Google Business, Google Maps (and optimizing so you rank high), Yelp and preparing to run paid ad campaigns that will run on landing pages.
  • By the time you reach the end stage, you should be earning from all the work that has happened up to this point. We cannot move on to the third phase unless we see progress from the first two phases. This means that this program will pay for itself in no time. We will begin to expand into new marketing platforms and set up more complex systems and strategies. You will have a steady income and start seeing significant improvement with your business overall.

Understanding Your Needs

It starts with understanding what you need. Every business is different and sometimes, a business isn't even ready for marketing (and if we feel that way, we're honest about that too). Understanding your business is vital because without it, we wouldn't know what strategy would work best for the business. Marketing in the 21st century is a wide world. We need to find the right "angle" for your business.

Planning the best strategy

Once we have a solid understanding of what the business is and how you want your brand to appear in the minds of customers - that's when we start planning the strategy. We don't ignore any marketing channel. From SEO to PPC to TikTok influencers - everything is considered that will get us the desired results - the fastest. We always make a 6-month plan, because we believe 6 months is enough time for your business to test all our strategies and give you a decent result.

Running & Testing

Now that we have a solid plan of action, it's time to get down and dirty and test what we've planned. The good news is that we'll take care of everything needed to make it a success, from content to running ads and optimizing campaigns – we'll take care of everything.


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